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Monday, 20 November 2017

Review: Forsaken by Night

Forsaken by Night Forsaken by Night by Larissa Ione
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I positively adore Larissa Ione’s Demonica series. I read the first five books – those from the main Demonica arc before segueing into the Lords of Deliverance series – back to back, and I cannot wait to continue on. In addition to wanting to read the rest of the Demonica series, I was super interested in reading some of Larissa Ione’s other novels. One such series to interest me was the MoonBound Clan Vampires series.

On Larissa Ione’s website, she mentions how there is to be a big delay between Chained by Night and the next MoonBound Clan Vampires book as she is planning to release the next three back to back. I’m all for books being released in rapid succession, but as I’m not a fan of long waits, I decided to delay reading this series until closer to the time of release.

However, when I picked up Blood Red Kiss to read Kresley Cole’s The Warlord Wants Forever, I found myself treated to Forsaken by Night. I told myself not to read this novella, to leave this two-point-five book alone until I was able to read it in order… yet Larissa Ione. I needed more, and I found myself diving in.

Although I have not read Bound by Night or Chained by Night, I found Forsaken by Night really easy to follow. I could see where I would have enjoyed the experience more through having read the prior two books – the relationship between Nicole and Riker and the relationship between Aylin and Hunter would be explained, along with certain referenced events and the abilities of the supernatural creatures – but this also works well as a standalone novel. In fact, I enjoyed it so much a part of me is tempted to grab Bound by Night and start the series even though there is quite a wait for the next book.

As with my other Larissa Ione reads, I found this to be thoroughly addictive. I was quickly pulled into the world, the storyline, and the characters, wanting more with every page. Although it was just a small insight into the series, I gained so much from this one. Our main characters were positively wonderful, yet I also found myself enjoying the side characters. The storyline was intriguing, and the underlying story arc relate to the main series has left me curious. The world was a lot of fun, and I’m excited to see how it all comes together in a full-length novel. If the main books in the series contain what this book did – action, amazing characters, a great romance, and wonderful steamy scenes – then I’m sure I’m going to love the MoonBound Clan Vampires series.

Without a doubt, I’m looking forward to diving into the MoonBound Clan Vampires series in the future.

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Review: The Warlord Wants Forever

The Warlord Wants Forever The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Immortals After Dark series is one of those paranormal romance series that have interested me for quite some time. The books kept popping up, leaving me curious as to what I could expect. Although I did wish to cure my curiosity, I found myself delaying because of how difficult it was to get my hands on the first book. With The Warlord Wants Forever being a novella, it was hard to find a physical copy of the book. Thus, my reading was put off until I managed to get my hands on Blood Red Kiss. Blood Red Kiss allowed me to read the first book in the Immortals After Dark series whilst also giving me a couple of short stories for other series – mainly, though, it was brought for The Warlord Wants Forever.

In all honesty, I expected more from this considering the high ratings this series has. I went in expecting another paranormal romance series addiction, and left feeling rather disappointed. It was an interesting enough story, but I had expected so much more. I believe many of the issues I had with this story come from it being a novella. My fingers are crossed that the next book will be better, as I’m hoping the only reason certain things felt missing is because of the length and such will hopefully be amended in a full-length novel.

As an introduction to the Immortals After Dark world, The Warlord Wants Forever was a decent enough read. We were given enough basics about the supernatural world to develop a simple understanding, although there is still plenty left open that I’m hoping will be developed upon in the future books. We’re given an introduction to the supernatural creatures, some of the characters, and some plot lines – all things I’m sure will be developed even more in the future books. It’s enough to leave you interested to see what comes next, although there isn’t anything overly critical in this one.

In terms of the individual paranormal romance element of this story… I wasn’t as crazy as I had hoped to be. Things were over much too quickly and I never really felt the connection to the characters that I had hoped for. I believe this story would have been even more engaging had it been longer, had we been able to dive even deeper into the characters, yet as it was things came together much too quickly for my liking. There was potential there, but it didn’t quite live up to it – I went from not caring about the characters, to caring just as it was over, without all the complex emotions that should come between.

Overall, The Warlord Wants Forever was a decent introduction to the Immortals After Dark series, but I’m hoping A Hunger Like No Other will be more to my liking.

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Review: Cinder

Cinder Cinder by Marissa Meyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cinder is one of those books to have interested me for a very long time, and yet it remained sitting on my to-read list. I was curious about reading it, yet a few of the negative things I’d heard had me delaying the read. In the end, even if I am extremely late to the bandwagon, my curiosity got the better of me.

In all honesty, I’m annoyed for waiting so long to read this.

Although Cinder is not a perfect book, it is one of those books that leaves you wanting more. In the best way possible, of course. You want more of the story, more of the characters, and more of all the little things you have come to love throughout the book – in other words, you’re excited to dive into book two.

When I started reading this I was unsure as to how invested in the story I would become, yet I soon found myself addicted. I was turning page after page to see what happened next, curious for more, and soaking in all the little details we were given. I’ll be completely honest and say the main detail revealed in this book was overly obvious from the start – painstakingly obvious, if I’m brutally honest – and it did annoy me at times how clear it was yet nobody, least of all our main character, was willing to make the connection. However, I was able to look beyond this because it is a trope in young adult novels that often comes to play a larger role. With how high my expectations are for the rest of the series, I’m hoping the same will be true here.

The one thing I do feel I should mention is my belief of the Cinderella element being unnecessary. I know this book was created as a futuristic Cinderella retelling, and yet I feel as though the story would have worked just as well had it not focused so much upon the Cinderella elements. In fact, I feel as though those were the weakest areas of the story. The world building was interesting, and there is plenty of room for development. The characters were a lot of fun, and I cannot wait for more. The storyline was gripping, and I’m excited to see how certain elements come together. However, when I focus upon these points in relation to the Cinderella elements I feel as though they’re much weaker. There world building around the Cinderella scenes felt weaker, the characters aimed to be the bad guys from the Cinderella storyline felt like flat caricatures, and the scenes that mirrored the original Cinderella story felt a bit forced. I loved the story, but I could have done without the clear mirroring of a classic fairy-tale. As much as I enjoy fairy-tale retellings, I feel as though some stories are taking things too far – and, in this case, I believe the story could have been even stronger had it not tried so hard to be a futuristic Cinderella.

Overall, though, I had so much fun with this. When I started the story, I wasn’t sure how pulled into it I would become. I was a bit tentative, in truth. I feared I would be one of the few to dislike it, that I would not be joining the hype. However, as the story started to unfold I found myself intrigued by the possibilities of where this story will go. I fell in love with our main characters, and I’m excited to see more of them in the future books – books I cannot wait to pick up.

Honestly, I had so much fun with this one. It was such an addictive read and I cannot wait to dive into book two. The saddest part, of me, is that I’ll be waiting a month to dive into book two – whilst I do own Scarlet, I do not have it in my house. I have the book at my parents’ house, hundreds of miles away, and I will not be able to get hold of it until I go and visit. I guess it’s a good job Christmas is only a little over a month away – as soon as I go for my visit, I’ll be diving into Scarlet.

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Review: Rock Solid

Rock Solid Rock Solid by Carly Phillips
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The synopsis of Rock Solid instantly grabbed me (plus the cover is pretty damn fine), and I knew without a doubt I needed to read it. Despite being book four in the Book Boyfriend series, I knew it worked as a standalone. Having now finished and loved Rock Solid, I really need to go and grab the other three books in the series. In Rock Solid we got a tiny glimpse into the lives of Wes, Max, and Kyle, and I really want to know more about them. They seem like such fun, and if this book is anything to go off I’m sure to love their stories.

The first two chapters of the story take us back almost four years, giving us an insight into the one-night stand that occurred between Connor and Katie. In chapter three, we move to present time – the point in the story where Connor finds out he is a father. Thus, the story of Connor trying to win over Katie begins.

It’s a simple enough story, but there is plenty of emotion behind it. The relationship between Connor and his daughter is beautiful. The way in which Connor tries to show Katie she is worth more than she realises is amazing. The entire storyline grips hard and does not let you go. It’s a relatively short read, and once you start reading you will not be able to put it down – it sucks you in, and you need to finish it in a single sitting to see how everything comes together.

With wonderful characters and a gripping storyline, this one is a sure winner. I’m sure fans of the series, those to have been following since book one, will be overjoyed by Connor’s story – and those who are new to the series, like me, will be won over enough to want to give the prior books a read.

I can gladly confirm the title of this series – Book Boyfriend – does not lie. Connor is certainly a book boyfriend I’d be glad to make my own.

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Review: Kiss Me Cowboy

Kiss Me Cowboy Kiss Me Cowboy by Heather Slade
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If I’m being completely honest, Kiss Me Cowboy was more of a two-point-five star read for me. I know many people seemed to enjoy this one, but I had quite a bit of trouble with it. I believe, however, that a lot of my trouble is due to this being book three in the Cowboys of Crested Butte series. I have not read the prior books in the series and there was so much drama going on in this book that I did not understand, thus I had difficulty getting into certain elements of the storyline. This is my own fault, and due to that, I opted to round up to three stars.

I find most romance series, where there is a different couple in each book, allow you to read each book as a standalone novel. It’s usually best to read them in order for the full effect, but you can usually wrap your head around everything without needing to read all of the prior books. It was this belief that had me diving into Kiss Me Cowboy without reading the prior books. I knew this to be a romance between two characters, a romance that did not appear in the prior books. Thus, I assumed it would be okay to jump in without having read the prior books. However, I quickly found out this is one of those books where it is best to read the entire series.

There was a lot of stopping and starting as I tried to get into this story, constant picking it up and putting it down. There was a lot going on in this one, and not all of it was related to the two main characters. I do not mind reading snippets of other characters – in fact, I enjoy such a thing when I’ve been following a series for a long time – yet I feel as though things were somewhat unequal at certain points in this book. There were plenty of times where I did not feel as though I was reading a romance novel, where I did not feel as though this book was focused upon the relationship forming between two people. I felt like I was reading a soap opera, bouncing around the drama between the characters. Whilst I do love a good drama filled book, I felt as though this was just a bit too much for me. I may have enjoyed it more if I had understood everything, but even then I’m unsure – I like to think my capability of dealing with drama is quite high, yet I fear this would have pushed it to a limit.

Aside from the amount of drama in the book, I found it difficult to connect with any of the characters and the events that played out. The story itself had the possibility of being really interesting – once I was about half way through, I found I was enjoying some of the elements more than I’d imagined possible when I started the book – but I did not connect with anyone or anything. I kept reading, wanting to know how things played out (wanting to make sure I had worked things out correctly), but I never felt the emotions I should have felt when reading a book where so much happened. If I’d been able to connect with the characters I’m sure I would have enjoyed this more, instead I spent the whole book feeling like an outsider looking in – as I said, it felt like a soap opera where I could appreciate the events but I never really felt anything.

I may go and give the prior books – Fall for Me and Dance with me – a read, to see if I enjoy them more. Whilst a part of me is willing to give them a try – at least the first one – it’s not a task at the top of my to-do list. I may get around to it, I may not – it remains to be seen.

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Review: Broken

Broken Broken by Kelley Armstrong
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Broken is the sixth book in Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series, and it is yet another example of why Kelley Armstrong managed to work her way onto my favourite author list in no time at all. As with all her books I have read, this one kept me gripped throughout – I loved the characters, I enjoyed the storyline, and I cannot wait for more.

In Bitten, the first book in the Women of the Otherworld series, we were introduced to Elena. I quickly fell in love with the werewolves, having so much fun with the characters and the storyline surrounding them. In Stolen, we got more Elena – we also got an introduction to the rest of the world, taking us beyond the werewolves and introducing us to the other supernatural creatures. In Dime Store Magic I was disappointed by the change of perspective, fearful I would not enjoy Paige – only to be surprised when I enjoyed her more than Elena. I was overjoyed when Industrial Magic also followed Paige, taking us even deeper into the witch arc. Haunted disappointed me somewhat, though, as I was not a fan of Eve – I’m not sure what it was, but it was my least favourite of the series thus far. I was glad to find out Broken would not be following Eve, and that we would be returning to Elena – I would have preferred a return to Paige (I’m aware it’s an unpopular opinion, but I really do enjoy her character), but Elena was still a better option than Eve.

In all honesty, Broken worked to remind me just how much I enjoyed Elena. It turns out I was selling her short, failing to remember just how much I enjoyed her as a character. Elena is so much fun to follow, and the werewolves make things even more enjoyable. I’d forgotten just how much I enjoyed all of the characters, everyone adding a little something that leaves you loving them. I’m glad we went back to Elena in this one, allowing me to remember how much I like her stories.

The story itself grabbed me from the moment I read the synopsis. I love Jack the Ripper stories, and I knew this one would be something completely different to my norm (especially with how it’s usually crime thrillers I read when picking up a Jack the Ripper book). Whilst I found the mystery element of this story to be predictable from very early on, I did enjoy how it was a different kind of Jack the Ripper story to what I know and what I had expected – I may have been able to work things out, but I was given an interesting tale.

I also feel as though the events in this book have added quite a bit for the rest of the series – at least, I hope so. Elena’s role as a female werewolf surrounded by males of the species has been highlighted endlessly throughout the series, and with this book focusing upon Elena’s pregnancy, I can only imagine what is to come in the future books following on from this new detail. My fingers are crossed for lots of drama.

I’m also really excited for book seven, No Humans Involved, as I came to enjoy Jamie even more in this book. Since she appeared in the series, I’ve been enjoying her character – with her playing a slightly larger role in this book, I found myself excited to see how her story plays out.

Yet again, I cannot wait to grab the next book in the series. I really do need to work on picking them up sooner, rather than going a while between each book – these are very much binge read books, a series you can power through.

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Review: The Draqon's Queen

The Draqon's Queen The Draqon's Queen by Pearl Foxx
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first three books in the Shifters of Kladuu series introduced us to the Vilka. I adored the wolf shifters, and as we moved deeper into the story we slowly found out more about the world. In book three, The Vilka’s Captive, we got a much deeper insight into one particular group – the Draqon. I’m a huge dragon lover, and I was excited to see the dragon shifter side of the story. Having finished The Draqon’s Queen, I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy the Draqon stories more than the Vilka stories.

To really enjoy this book, you need to read the series in order. Things have slowly been building throughout the series, and in book three a lot of new information came to light. A big twist was added to the series. I went in to The Draqon’s Queen expecting to dive straight into the drama added by the prior book, but this book didn’t do quite what I had imagined. This book is a fabulous introduction to the Draqon society, feeling like the first in a series. It was wonderful, giving us an insight into the society and the new characters. I like that we had a bit of a break from the drama that unfolded in the prior book, as it allows us to find out more about the new leads, and there was a bit of action in this one that promises even bigger things for book five.

As with the prior books, we also had a wonderful romance story. At the start of this series, I was excited for a romance between Niva and Gerrit. Gerrit’s story, book two, destroyed that ship for me. I loved what we were given instead, yet I was hopeful for Niva. I never excited her story to play out this way – and yet her romance with Zayd was amazing. I positively adored the relationship between the two of them, and could not have asked for more for a character I came to enjoy in the prior books.

Without a doubt, this was a wonderful addition to the series. I really enjoyed getting to see another part of the Kladuu world and being introduced to new characters.

Also, that ending. Damn, what promise. I am seriously excited to see what comes next. It will be big, I can feel it. There will be a serious explosion, and I’m disappointed I cannot jump straight into it! The sooner I get my hands on book five, the better!

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